The 2019-2020 scholarship year is open until May 1st, 2020! Please navigate to the "Students and Parents" page above, or click the link in this line.

Beverly Dollars for Scholars serves Beverly High School as well as the The Beverly High School Alumni, and the citizens of Beverly, Massachusetts in awarding and managing scholarships for the community. We are a chapter of the Northeast Dollars for Scholars, a division of Scholarship America, a national scholarship organization. The chapter administers over 40 separate scholarships annually. A scholarship donor may choose to either set up a written endowment agreement with the chapter, or the donor may choose to set up a sponsored scholarship which would be given out each year.  The donor works with the chapter to determine what criteria, if any, will be used to help determine a recipient for the endowed or sponsored scholarship. Scholarship donors may participate on the Awards Committee, and their input will be incorporated into award decisions made by the Beverly Dollars for Scholars.   The chapter also awards and administers the City of Beverly Scholarships which may be given to any resident of Beverly. As required by Scholarship America, all scholarship awards are sent directly to the student's college, after certification of registration by the college.

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The funds of the Beverly Dollars for Scholars are deposited in Certificates of Deposit at the Beverly Bank and in Mutual Funds under Patricia Beckwith, a broker for Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. in Danvers. At the end of each calendar year, the profits (or losses) are divided among the invested scholarships, determined by the percentage of the total funds deposited for each scholarship.

Beverly Dollars for Scholars is always looking for volunteers to help with fund raising or for scholarship administration. We also welcome the establishment of any new scholarships for the students of Beverly.

For further information, contact Niles Flanders, Treasurer, Beverly Dollars for Scholars at 978-927-2133.